What do you use to sweeten your products if not refined sugar?

We prefer using natural and wholesome ingredients like dates and raisins. However, if the receipe demands we use coconut sugar and maple syrup.

Does the chocolate used in your products contain gluten or refined sugar?

No, we make our own chocolate and it does not contain gluten or refined sugar. We use our own homemade chocolate in our cookies and all of our other products that are coated with chocolate.

Do you customise to allergies?

Yes we do cater to allergies and we can directly be contacted on our number or by email.

Is everything that you use Organic?

All the ingredients that go in our products are organic.

Do your products have the nutrition value on them?

Our Healthy Bars and Granola have the Nutritional Value and all our other products have the ingredients on them.

Do your products contain refined oil in them?

We mainly use coconut oil and sesame oil.

What do you use to substitute butter?

We make our own vegan butter with almonds.

Are your products travel friendly?